Learn about your air

These learning resources are designed to educate citizens on six target air pollutants: particulate matter, nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide, ground-level ozone, carbon monoxide and lead. The first section includes foundational information about our atmosphere. From providing us with the air that we breathe, to protecting our planet from UV radiation, our atmosphere plays crucial roles that allow life on earth to flourish. The second page informs citizens on how air pollutants could be impacting their health currently, and compromising it in the future. The third section provides information on how air pollutants impact our environment. It is well-recognized that impacting ecosystems rarely has localized effects: compromising one component can have a cascade of effects. Furthermore, compromising environmental health often carries over to impact human health. The final section informs citizens on the surprising sources of air pollutants. Throughout regular daily life, air pollutant levels can fluctuate substantially. By clicking on the first page “The Thin Layer that Supports Life,” users to be guided through the entire set of learning resources.